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Why was the dairy food group omitted from the new Canada’s Food Guide?

Written by Nathalie Champoux
Category : children and infants
Post on 6 September 2019
Glasses of non-dairy milk
Research on health and nutrition is evolving continually, and major discoveries are prompting authorities to take a new look at people’s lifestyles. As a result, Health Canada undertook a major review of Canada’s Food Guide and issued new recommendations in January 2019; the dairy food group, included in the Guide since 1942, was omitted. While, […]

A mini survival guide to vegetable milks and formulas

Written by Nathalie Champoux
Category : children and infants
Post on 29 March 2019
baby smiling
The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding infants exclusively until the age of six months.

A dairy-free diet can deliver huge benefits

Written by Nathalie Champoux
Category : Health
Post on 13 March 2019
Examples of different dairy-free milk substitutes
Dairy products have been an integral part of the food culture, imagination and value system of our society for generations.


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