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A mini survival guide to vegetable milks and formulas

Written by Nathalie Champoux
Category : children and infants
Post on 29 March 2019
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The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding infants exclusively until the age of six months. Then, from six months to two years, and beyond that point, breastfeeding must be supplemented with another diet. However, pain, fatigue, food intolerances or allergies, discouragement, illness, restrictive medication, lack of interest or a specific belief system lead or force women not to breastfeed their baby naturally.

First off, it’s important not to feel guilty or judged about the choice you or other mothers make, whether breastfeeding isn’t working as expected or you’ve simply chosen not to breastfeed. The good news is that, these days, many milk substitutes are available and specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants, early weanlings (infants weaned before six months) and toddlers.

But there’s a downside to these products. For the most part, these formulas substitutes are harmful to health or, at the very least, don’t adequately replace breast milk. When it comes time to choose which formula best suits your baby, stay on alert. If you read the labels carefully, you’ll notice some “undesirable” items in the list of ingredients such as genetically modified soybeans, sugar substitutes, preservatives or dairy derivatives.

Even when these formulas only contain healthy, plant-sourced ingredients, they can’t meet all the nutritional needs of infants and weanlings. Most vegan alternatives contain little or no protein, which is essential for the developing child. Moreover, they are often low in calcium, save when they’re made from soybeans. Since soy is one of the most common allergens, it’s strongly recommended not to consider this type of formula.

And yet, these formulas are often the only alternative to cow’s milk.

In short, if your child has a soy allergy or intolerance — or if you want to prevent your child from ingesting this controversial food – you can’t avoid cow’s milk-based formulas if your baby isn’t breastfed. All hypoallergic formulas are made with hydrolyzed (pre-digested) cow’s milk proteins.

However, from this sad situation, a product was born that defies all established rules. Carefully formulated with healthy, organic, hypoallergenic and nutritious ingredients, The Latte Co. products offer a tasty and complete alternative. Now, if you can’t offer your child breast milk, you can depend on a range of products perfectly suited for infants that packs all the maternal love you have to give!


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