About The Latte Co. and our complete range of milk substitutes

A company that cares about people's health, from infants to athletes

Our story

Just like its founders, The Latte Co. is a unique, innovative, modern and environmentally friendly company. The Latte Co. was founded by three women supported by their husbands, who have a passion for health, nutrition and wellness but above all for their children and the well-being of their families.

The company is the fruit of their combined passions, life discipline, determination and desire to fill a gap in the market. They created a drink adapted to the food and nutritional needs of babies and children, a drink that’s not only free of the main allergens, but also of processed ingredients, chemical additives and sweeteners. With the help of nutrition specialists, Bebe Latte – a drink made exclusively with tasty organic ingredients and packed with nutrients essential for the healthy development of children – was created.

Sophie Godbout, Katia Pacioretty and Delphine Marinaro

Bebe Latte’s growth

Given the popularity and success of Bebe Latte with mothers who are concerned about their children’s health and share our values, The Latte Co. decided to take another step forward. We designed a complete line of fortified plant-based drinks with various added flavors to suit everyone’s tastes and the specific needs of all family members: babies, moms and expectant moms, athletes and people looking for a drink that offers added value to their daily diet.

The Latte Co. is proud to present its range of top-quality products and is now researching and developing new products, including a specifically adapted newborn formula.

About Sophie Godbout, Katia Pacioretty and Delphine Marinaro

Meet our team

The team behind The Latte Co
Delphine Marinaro, founder and president

Delphine Marinaro

Founder and President of The Latte Co., corporate lawyer by profession and naturopath by vocation, Delphine is a passionate and concerned mother of two who never stopped searching and learning about health and natural wellbeing for the benefit of her family.

Christian Marinaro

Christian Marinaro

Delphine’s husband and international sales executive who travelled the world to learn and discover the highest quality whole foods and sustainable practices for a healthy lifestyle which sits at the foundations of the company.

Sophie Godbout

Sophie Godbout

Cofounder of The Latte Co., Sophie is a dental surgeon by profession. The dental and global health is her main focus. She grew up with a father naturopath who taught her about healthy foods and their benefits. Sophie continued increasing her knowledge for the well-being of her two children. Generous and caring, Sophie wants now to help more people to live healthy.

Charles Girard

Charles Girard

An entrepreneur in many fields, Charles strives to bring his business expertise to the company and ensure sound management in order to lead it to success. Thanks to his wife Sophie, he has developed a growing interest in healthy food and wants to share it with the community.

Katia Pacioretty, cofounder

Katia Pacioretty

Cofounder of The Latte Co., mother of 4 rambunctious boys and wife of top professional NHL athlete. Katia has dedicated herself to enhancing her knowledge of food and nutrition as a source of wellness and performance. As an ex professional tennis player, Katia attributes much of her success as a young athlete to her parent’s healthful, European cooking. She is convinced that proper nutrition is an imperative building block for her family.

Max Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty

Max Pacioretty is a professional athlete. Playing in NHL for over 10 years has taught him so much on how to maintain the best health possible to be able to perform on the highest level. With his family raising 4 boys health and nutrition have been the number one priority. Giving children the best nutrition possible should always come first.


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