The Benefits of powdered plant-based beverages - an excellent a dairy-free milk alternative

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L Blend powder

child icon Specifically designed to promote children's growth

vitamin energy icon A high source of vitamins and minerals

natural icon A powder made of 100% natural ingredients

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Discover the benefits of our blend

Nutritious, complete and very flavourful ingredients

A team of industry experts has developed the unique composition of our organic plant-based drinks for babies and children. Our plant drinks provide the vitamins, minerals and protein babies and children need to function, develop and grow healthy at every stage of their lives.

This organic plant-based drink is a unique blend of high-quality ingredients skillfully blended by nutrition specialists to provide nutrients essential to good health and offer a delicious taste everyone is sure to love.

Always fresh Easy to store Easy to transport Ready to use Reduces waste Eco-friendly

The L BlendTM

Powder offers a guarantee of freshness
A powder blend that’s rich in naturally sourced vitamins and minerals that stands out from all fortified plant-based drinks on the market. All ingredients are raw, whole and unprocessed, simply dehydrated and powdered.

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Rich in calcium (red algae) A high source of magnesium Adapted to children’s growth

A certified, high-quality product

Our plant-based drinks are made exclusively from certified organic, vegan, kosher and gluten-free ingredients. We are convinced that healthy, high-quality food is the key to good health. The Latte Co. has obtained all the necessary certifications to help babies and children grow up healthy by adopting a healthy diet from an early age.

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An allergen-free milk alternative!

A growing number of people – especially children – suffer from all types of food allergies. However, few options are available for mothers who want to offer their child a healthy, complete, high-quality and safe alternative to cow's milk. Fortunately, The Latte Co.'s plant-based drinks don’t contain any of the top ten allergens. Now the whole family can have peace of mind!

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Measure, mix and taste!

Since it’s in powder form, it’s now easy to take a tasty and nutritious plant-based drink with you anywhere! Thanks to its resealable container, you can carry it anywhere you go! Say goodbye to spills and say hello to the pleasure of enjoying your drink whenever you want!

family enjoying breakfast with dairy free milk

A tasty, natural drink that’s perfect for the whole family

Our organic plant-based drinks are suitable for everyone in the family. Our drinks are creamy and delicious and contain no added sugar! Feel free to use them in your smoothies, yogurt and coffee or just enjoy them as they are!


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