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Feeding a Toddler: Our Secret Weapon

Written by Renee Reina
Category : children and infants
Post on 16 January 2020
“These “picky eater” days used to stress me out because I would worry that he wasn’t getting the nutrients he needed. This is where our secret weapon, Bebe Latte, comes in. I was ecstatic when I discovered this product.” When our son, Milo, started eating solids we had a bunch of new things to think […]

Whole foods: The Smart Choice

Written by The Latte Co.
Category : children and infants
Post on 13 January 2020
When you’re juggling work, runs to daycare, commute time and bedtime, it’s often very tempting to put your family’s healthy eating plan on hiatus and add the word “restaurant” to your routine. When the urge to indulge comes on strong, keep in mind how important it is to eat whole, unrefined foods as often as […]

Why was the dairy food group omitted from the new Canada’s Food Guide?

Written by Nathalie Champoux
Category : children and infants
Post on 6 September 2019
Glasses of non-dairy milk
Research on health and nutrition is evolving continually, and major discoveries are prompting authorities to take a new look at people’s lifestyles. As a result, Health Canada undertook a major review of Canada’s Food Guide and issued new recommendations in January 2019; the dairy food group, included in the Guide since 1942, was omitted. While, […]


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