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The L BlendTM

A unique blend of ingredients, for an outstanding milk alternative

The success of our Bebe Latte and Kiddo Latte organic plant-based drinks rests in the L Blend™, an exceptional blend of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining good health and ensuring optimal development for babies and children.

The blend, developed and skillfully balanced by biologists and nutrition experts, only contains high-quality organic ingredients. The result is a range of plant-based drinks that are as packed with nutrients as they are with taste.

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Easily assimilated, naturally sourced nutrients

While commercial milks are generally supplemented with synthetic supplements, The Latte Co. products don’t contain any artificial additives. The vitamins and minerals in our plant-based drinks come from organic fruits and vegetables only. As a result, they’re easily assimilated by the body's cells and make it possible for the body to function to its full potential.

Natural ingredients Good for body and mind Organic ingredients No artificial additives Complete source of vitamins and minerals

Plant-based drinks are richer in calcium than cow's milk

The Latte Co.'s organic drinks are made with the valuable Lithotamne red algae and contain more calcium than cow's milk. This essential mineral is better assimilated when it comes from a plant-based source, which means The Latte Co. products are the best options for optimizing the whole family’s health.

glass of plant-based milk
red algae powder

Red algae: A superfood for your superheroes!

In addition to being rich in magnesium and containing more than thirty trace elements, vitamins, phytohormones and amino acids, highly bioavailable red algae has a high level (between 45 and 80%) of calcium carbonate. Therefore, it's little wonder our organic plant-based drinks for babies and children are so extraordinary!


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