Bebe Latte | Babies 12 to 24 months

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Bebe Latte is a plant-based drink introduced to the market to meet the specific needs of babies. This plant-based drink provides babies with their daily intake of nutrients and vitamins essential for their development. Many parents will be delighted to discover a whole plant-based drink that’s a healthy and dairy product alternative. Bebe Latte includes a specific blend of vitamins and minerals that serves as the perfect complement to the nutrition of babies and ensures they grow up healthy.

A source of vitamins and minerals No artificial ingredients Dairy free
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Canadian product

Bottle contents

450 g 100% natural plant-based powder for babies 12 to 24 months. Makes 16 to 20 228ml portions

An all-natural product. What more could you ask for?

Bebe Latte includes only natural and organic ingredients and offers a high-quality plant-based drink. This fortified plant-based drink features the great taste of banana, coconut milk and other carefully selected ingredients, all without the addition of artificial flavouring, refined sugar, preservatives and carrageenan.

Specialists have carefully calibrated the ingredients to match the nutritional needs required at this age. With its rich and creamy taste babies love so much and perfectly balanced blend of vitamins and minerals, Bebe Latte is the tastiest, most natural and most complete alternative to cow's milk!

Bebe Latte ingredients

Fermented rice milk powder* • Banana powder* • Coconut oil powder* • Hemp hearts powder* • Pea protein* • Flax seeds* • Sunflower lecithin • Natural Calcium Source (from Phymatolithon calcareum and/or Lithothamnium corrallioides) • Fruits and veggie blend (Apple*, Kale*, Broccoli, Spinach, Carrot*, Parsley*, Beetroot*, Green cabbage*, Blueberry*, Raspberry*, Strawberry*, Tomato*, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Sunflower Seed, Kelp, Chlorella, Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom) • Organic sprouted quinoa* • Organic vanilla flavour*.

* Organic ingredients


      Nutritional values table

      L BlendTM: A blend to discover

      An authentic blend of nutrients essential to the health of infants.

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      8 reviews for Bebe Latte | Babies 12 to 24 months

      1. Lea

        My son loves this so much! Thank you for this incredible product, I never found nothing similar!

      2. Tina

        All the ingredients are so clean and the taste is amazing! My baby loves it!

      3. Danielle

        It tastes delicious! Thank you for making a plant based milk for babies! My girls love it and it’s easily digested!

      4. Lisa

        If I only discovered it for my 2 older boys! Thank you for this amazing product 🙂

      5. Sandra

        My son loves it! It tastes so good and it is good for him.

      6. fede

        I’m giving Bebe Latte to my son since 4 months now, he loves it and me too. He is gaining weight and I see him way more stronger! Thank you for making this product

      7. charleen

        I use Bebe Latte mixed with coconut milk.. It’s great on its own but my baby drinks 3 bottles a day, it would be too much if I’d give him 3 bottles of Bebe Latte, it’s really nutritious

      8. Sarah Hyde (verified owner)

        Transitioning from nursing to formula was a huge struggle for us. It was becoming not only an emotional struggle but a challenge to help my baby gain weight. We tried many of the “typical” formulas from the grocery store and my daughter refused to even let them touch her lips. Discovering Bebe Latte was a game changer. After a few tries she transitioned completely giving me back some freedom and peace of mind that she was eating quality, healthy ingredients.

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